A total of R13.1 million was allocated to Corporate Social Investment in FY 2012/13 to South African operations

The amount stated above was allocated directly to partner organisations implementing projects within Universities, schools and early childhood development centre’s, with the balance allocated to the administration of CSI initiatives.


Project Value: R200,000
Beneficiaries: Mr MD Hadebe; Mrs KR Hadebe (majority shareholder)

A farming initiative has been set up within a 5 km radius to the Oribi Toll Plaza. The farm had minimal farming activities and was managed by a local in the area who is a handicapped previously disadvantaged individual, Mr. MD Hadebe.

Mr. Hadebe allocated 2 acres of barren land for a farming project and Tolcon Group funded this farming project.

Included in the funds is a contribution for a water pump and irrigation system to support the entire farm, as well as farm equipment, farm security, (fencing), seedlings, soil assessment, and labour.

As a contribution to the community from the benefits of this project, the multi - produce farm supplies the local school and community with multi - produce at cost prices.


Project Value: R220,221
Beneficiaries: Kanya Bruce; Jabu Megwaza

The training centre, situated in The Library Complex in Marian Ridge, is the product of an entrepreneurial training program developed by the Institute for Enterprise Development, and is essentially community driven.

The facility serves the local community centre and library as an adult training centre, with trainers equipped to offer basic training through to business skills, using a method called Application Learning. The courses are designed to ensure that learners achieve impact through application and cater for varying degrees of understanding and comprehension. Learners study at their own pace, coupled with a coaching framework that allows entrepreneurs to move ahead when ready. These training courses are offered to the community at affordable rates in order to support the centre and allow the community an opportunity to uplift themselves.


Truck drivers travelling on the N3 Toll Route are given the opportunity on a quarterly basis to address health and wellness issues facing the industry.

Tests offered at the Truck Driver Wellness Day are voluntary, and include the following: -

  • Blood Pressure
  • Malaria screening
  • TB screening
  • Audio tests
  • Eye tests
  • VCT
  • Counselling
  • Nutritional information
  • Physiotherapy and exercise information.
One of the major contributing factors to accidents is truck driver fitness. In general, truck drivers have demanding schedules and are not always able to visit healthcare centres provided by their employers.

The Truck Driver Wellness Days are be held at various intervals along the N3 Toll Route, and Tolcon provides drivers with water bottles, snacks and safety tips for travelling on the toll road.


The staff at various toll plazas has made a commitment to contribute to the communities, in which many of our staff resides, by making donations to various charities.

  • A donation was made to the Shalom ministries on behalf of Tolcon by the De Hoek plaza staff and management. The home was started by a family living in the area. It provides shelter and food to destitute and orphaned children of all ages.
  • The staff of De Hoek toll plaza collected an amount of R400 and made a donation to the Ratanda old age home.
  • The plaza staff has also recycled plastic and donated the proceeds, an amount of R738, to the SPCA.
  • Ten chairs where repaired by the plaza staff and donated to a local school.
  • Nine monitors where repaired by plaza staff and donated to a local school.
  • The staff of the Tugela toll plaza donated food parcels to a disadvantaged family.


On world hunger day, Tolcon issued each toll plaza with an amount of R500 to spend on a charity of the staff’s choice. A total of R7000.00 was donated.

These are some of the organisations that benefitted from the initiative:

• Chubby Chum
• Shalom ministries
• Mahwelereng united Presbyterian Church of South Africa AIDS Programme.
• Takalani orphanage
• Weleni Primary School
• Bana pele maikhutso drop centre



Zamaleka primary school has a strong sporting culture that has earned them awards in various sporting codes. Upon a visit to the school, the staff of Tolcon Lehumo noticed the dreadful state that the netball court was in. Tolcon Lehumo, together with its client, N3TC, then undertook to assist the school by removing the old netball court and building a new court.

The Netball court was officially opened on 28th January 2013; a special ceremony was arranged by the school to mark the event. Among those in attendance were the CEO of the Tolcon Group, representatives from the N3TC and community leaders from the Qalabotja.

Kranskop Plaza on the N1 North has donated a soccer kit to one of the surrounding communities.



PT Ops (Pty) Ltd identified cleaning and hygiene services as an area with the potential to be outsourced to a SMME Company. PT Ops played a significant role as far as funding, setting up and giving guidance for the project.

PT Ops identified an employee from its operational department to be trained as an entrepreneur to manage this new company. The employee has entered into a tailor made training and development program to ensure mentoring and coaching as a CEO is received.


The Tolcon Group sponsored the training provided to the SANTA empowerment – Siya Zama Co-operative. The Co-operative was given training on the craft of leather bible cover making. They aim to use their skill to generate an income and aspire to export the products they create.

N3 Marianhill & N2 South – Port Shepstone
Tolcon Lehumo has identified its taxi operators based at Marianhill & N2 South Toll Plazas as its Enterprise Development beneficiaries. Both beneficiaries each received sponsorship of a new taxi vehicle at a cost of R266, 767.10 in 2012. In addition, these beneficiaries have received training on various topics.

  • Customer Care
  • Labour and Client Relations
  • Business Safety
  • Management Skills – Leadership
  • Legal Responsibilities and Accountability
  • Business Ethics
  • Hazard Identification
  • Financial Planning
  • Fire Safety

Taxi Drivers
Project Value: R534,000
Beneficiaries Clifford Pienaar; Bhekisisa Cele

Two brand new taxis, valued at R267,000.00 each were handed over to taxi operators in the Mariannhill Plaza and Oribi Plaza respectively.

Both taxis were sponsored by Tolcon Lehumo as part of an enterprise development programme and both operators also received business training to assist them in their operations.

The taxi operators reside in the vicinity of the toll plazas and are from previously disadvantaged communities within the areas.

These taxis will serve the local community as well as the toll plaza staff.

Do uBuntu Bracelet Campaign
Project Value: R126,000

The bracelet project is modelled on sustainable development techniques and women are taught how to run their own business, open bank accounts and additional life skills.

Each crafters group consists out of approx. 5 women and a group leader. The women go through a training program teaching them the techniques as well as how to use the tools.

The SANTA Do Ubuntu project works with community organizations such as health forums and church groups, as well as smaller groups. The Orphan Bracelet Campaign donates seedlings, fruit trees, permaculture training, tools and equipment to provide needed nutrition and increased self sufficiency of their communities.


PT Ops (Pty) Ltd arranged a trip to the Rietvlei Nature Reserve for staff members and their children. Nature conservationists lectured those in attendance on: the nature reserve and the dam and the dangers of pollution on the environment. After the lecture, everyone went on a guided game drive where animals such as black wildebeest, buffalo, eland, hyaena, zebras, rhinos and blesbok where spotted.

More trips to the game reserve will be arranged as the company aims to create environmental awareness among employees and their families.



On 30th November 2012, Pt Ops Pty(Ltd) lit candles in honour of those have passed, those who have contracted the HIV virus and living with AIDS.

World AIDS day is celebrated throughout the world on the 1st of December. The day is an opportunity for public and private partners to spread awareness about the status of the pandemic and encourage progress in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care in high prevalence countries and around the world.

The minister of health announced on 29 November 2012 that strides have been made in the pharmaceutical industry over the last couple of years and that those on ARV drugs should only be able to take 1 pill per day as compared to the year 2000, where a person had to take 16 pills per day. It has also been stated that since 2008, the rate of mother to child infections have decreased from 8% to 2.7% in October 2012.



A number of Tolcon staff member’s homes were damaged by the storm that hit Northern Natal in December 2012. Tolcon donated money for food and necessities to the affected families.



AI Kajee Primary School
Fund donation
The school serves a community where from the majority of learners come from previously disadvantaged families
R 7,000.00


94.2 Jacaranda Blanket Drive [Country-wide]
Staff collected and donated blankets for the 94.2 Jacaranda blanket drive. Tolcon group matched every blanket donation given by staff and their famalies

SANRAL Chosen Charities
The Huguenot Tunnel staff raised sponsorships from suppliers that were auctioned at the SANRAL Imbizo.
R 21,000.00

K fm Christmas wish list
The management of Cape Point made a donation to the K fm’s Christmas wish list. The money was donated to Taswell Williams who sustained a spinal cord injury in a shooting incident which left him paralysed from the neck down. Taswell hasn’t allowed the disability to stop him from making a contribution in his community; he serves as a member on several organizations. The money donated will be used to purchase dragon dictate, a computer programme that will allow him to use a computer more efficiently and digital camera that he will use while carrying out his outreach work.
R 10,000.00

Tygerberg children’s hospital
The Cape Point management has sponsored a trip for the children from the Tygerberg children’s hospital to visit and ride the funicular on children’s day.
R 1,710.00

Donation of building material
Management at the Chapmans peak operations made a donation of building material to an employee whose home had been destroyed by a fire.
R 3,819.00

Donations to various charitable organizations
R 42, 050.00


Through Tolcon, Bakwena and PT Ops’s interaction with the Emergency services along the two Bakwena RIMS Routes, it was identified that there was a severe shortage of Hazardous Material Training being given to the relevant Emergency services operating on these Routes.

In conjunction with the United Nations “Decade of Action” for Road Safety, Tolcon, Bakwena and Sasol have committed to uplifting the Emergency Services operating along the N1/N4 and N4 West Routes.

What this entails; Tolcon and Sasol have committed to providing additional training at NO Cost to the Bakwena RIMS Emergency Services 6 times a year (3 Training sessions per route per year) for the next 3 years The training that was held in Rustenburg in September was the first of Sasol’s commitment to the N4 West Route.

It was a 5 day Dangerous Goods Awareness programme. The successful candidates will be receiving an attendance certificate for this and the top 5 delegates will be attending an assessment regarding the Doffing and Donning of Level A Hazmat suites with their colleagues from the N1. On the successful completion of the Assessment, the delegate will be qualified to assist Hazmat Technicians on the scene of a Hazmat / Dangerous goods Spillage.

ManCo – INITIATIVES - 2013

Through Tolcon, The Management Conference was held in Johannesburg on the 7th – 10th April 2013, attended by all Plaza Managers. During the Conference, the delegates were assigned the challenge of returning to their communities and “doing something for someone in need”, forming part of the Emotional Intelligence workshop.

The results of this challenge have been a resounding success.

An assortment of charitable deeds was carried out:

  • The Wilge Toll Plaza staff collected an amount of R 150 and contributed towards the registration fee of Mr Patrick Tsotetsi in the Arthur Cresswell marathon.
  • Leandra staff voluntarily went to visit Thuthukani Drop Centre. They donated R20 each to buy basic needs such as food. The centre caters about 150 kids there are orphans and others come from disadvantages families. They provide food and aftercare.
  • Kranskop plaza staff donated R5.00 each so that they could buy food parcels to donate to a family where the parents are not working. It was found    that within the community, a mother with 8 children was unemployed and three of them were not attending school.
  • A gentleman was identified by the De Hoek toll plaza team together with Mr Grant Weimers as a beneficiary of their donation. He lives in an old dilapidated shack with his grandchild and he is not getting any social grant payments from government.
  • The Nyl Toll Plaza staff has contributed groceries to the value of R736.00 and R90.00 in cash was also given to the family to buy electricity for the house.

DepCo - INITIATIVES - 2013

The Deputy Management Conference was held in Johannesburg on the 5th – 8th May 2013, attended by all Deputy Plaza Managers as well as some selected administration staff. During the Conference, the delegates were assigned the challenge of returning to their communities and “doing something for someone in need”, forming part of the Emotional Intelligence workshop. The results of this challenge have been a resounding success.

An assortment of charitable deeds were carried out:

  • Feeding the children at James House in Houtbay
  • Donating clothes to an unemployed woman and her children
  • Visiting an old age home
  • Donating items to the Bowy House who currently cares for 11 HIV/AIDS Orphans
  • Visiting the Zamukuhle Disabled Centre
  • Visiting and providing food for the Emseni Child And Youth Care Centre
  • Donating clothes to the Aletuke community centre
  • Donating a food parcel to Hokisa-Homes for Kids in South Africa
  • Donating food to Safe Haven, a home that houses abused children and adults of all race groups
  • Donating clothes to the Leandra community Centre in Villiers
  • Donating blankets to children at a school



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