Awards and Achievements

Tolcon celebrates having been nominated and awarded:

Focusing on Excellence

Women steering the infrastructure giant

Tolcon Group is the leading infrastructure management group in South Africa focusing on the road and rail sector. Judy Van Es was appointed as the CEO of the Tolcon Group in 2008. Since then the group has not only grown in size – having successfully secured various new tenders – but companies within the group have also been recognized for their empowerment initiatives. In 2009, Van Es was nominated and received the Top Women Executive in South Africa award and the company was a finalist in the Top Gender Empowered Company: Mining, Engineering and Construction at the Top Woman Awards. In 2012, one of the Tolcon businesses received the Top Gender Empowered Company: Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics award. Van Es attributes the success of the group to the Tolcon family noting that “People are the strategic heart beat of a company or group”. While the Tolcon Group has performed exceptionally well in many areas, two areas of excellence are referred to below:

Training, health and Safety
The Tolcon Group has implemented a fully integrated health and safety system which has resulted in numerous operations achieving 100% external audit results. The Tolcon Group was the first group in the sector to achieve these excellent results.

From a good corporate citizen and an industry perspective, health and safety is extremely important. The group has designed and implemented numerous health and safety programmes to ensure that the message reaches all its people. This includes systems, training, videos and awareness initiatives. These initiatives have borne fruit, not only in improving the lives of the Tolcon family but also achieving excellent third party audit results in compliance with ISO9001 standards. On the upliftment and training side, the Tolcon Group has invested in its internal training capability resulting in all levels of staff receiving quality programmes, which enhance not only the business output but also people’s lives. All the initiatives introduced by the Tolcon Group are recognized by an employee recognition scheme – named, Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence (PRIDE).

This recognition scheme awards individuals and teams for outstanding performance and going beyond their job requirements. There are numerous examples of the Tolcon family members doing extraordinary things. One such example was when a toll collector who was on duty heard cries from a motor vehicle which had approached her toll booth. She secured the booth and the lane from a safety perspective and went to investigate. It transpired that the motorist had commenced giving birth. Florina Tshikosi, having had basic first aid training had the presence of mind to call a nurse. The nurse telephonically guided Florina Tshikozi in the process of delivering a baby. After the birth of the first baby, a second head appeared. Florina Tshikosi successfully assisted a motorist in delivering twins. Van Es notes that it must be highlighted that the women empowered successes would not have been achieved without the drive and assistance of the Tolcon men – they made a meaningful difference. Men and women bring different but equally important attributes to a business and Tolcons success is due to the whole Tolcon family. Advice to women who wish to be leaders: Keep learning, keep improving yourself, add value, share your knowledge – no one can keep a good person down, however it is up to you to make the difference.

Article from the Opportunity magazines July/August 2013 issue.