Tolcon’s Employee Recognition Program

On the 1st of December, 2009, Tolcon launched its employee recognition program, aptly named, “PRIDE”, which stands for Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence.


Why recognize our employees?

In the pursuit of “Best in Class”, we believe that our employees are our most valuable assets, and not only do we want to ensure that we engage with our people to ensure that they are fully equipped to deliver business success, but we also believe that staff behaviour is key to providing clients with a high-quality experience.


How it works

Nomination boxes and nomination ballots have been placed at every business plaza/operation, where employees nominate fellow employees for going above and beyond their required daily activities. They are encouraged to recognize themselves and each other for looking past job descriptions and going the extra mile. In addition, stakeholders and road users also make PRIDE nominations. Every quarter, each plaza/operation sends their employee and route patrol nominations to Head Office, where the PRIDE Committee evaluates each and every nomination and selects the most outstanding behaviour from each plaza/operation as the quarterly winners. Each winner then receives a recognition award of R500 and a certificate for winning that quarter.

Categories within the Program for which an employee can be nominated include the following: -

·         Appreciation Award

·         Achievement Award

·         Great Idea Award

·         Green HSE Award

·         Customer Service Award

At the end of each year, winners are selected per region from all quarterly plaza/operational winners. These Regional winners receive a recognition award of R1000 and star treatment at the year-end function for themselves and their partner. At the year-end Gala Dinner, one overall winner is selected from the five regional winners by means of a vote. This winner receives an additional recognition award of R5000.

In addition, to encourage teamwork, there is also a plaza/operational award. Each plaza/operation is evaluated every six month’s in the following areas:-

·         Training

·         Shortages

·         Disciplinary Actions

·         Attendance

·         Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Audits

·         Internal Audits

The above areas are reported on every month in graph format and displayed for all employees to see and identify areas of improvement. This encourages teams to work together.

Each employee from the winning plaza/operation receives a monetary recognition reward for their contribution as part of the winning plaza/operation.



Over and above the legislative requirements, Tolcon has developed operating environmental policies and procedures displaying its care for South Africa’s environmental heritage.

Tolcon has an established plan and framework:

The plan and framework focuses on environmental enhancements at an operational level, going above and beyond pure legislative requirements.

To ensure that Tolcon Group operates in a manner that protects and upholds the environmental sustainability of our country, Tolcon Group created and introduced numerous procedures, inter alia:

  1. Pesticide and Herbicide procedure
  2. Fence Procedure
  3. Waste Management Plan
  4. Storage of hazardous substances
  5. Landscape procedure
  6. Diesel storage procedure (underground tanks)
  7. Diesel storage procedure (tanks above ground)
  8. Spillage procedure (General)
  9. Spillage procedure (Huguenot Tunnel)
  10. Fluorescent tube disposal procedure
  11. Reptile procedure
  12. Light procedure
  13. Printer cartridge disposal procedure
  14. Sewer Procedure
  15. Water Quality
  16. Toilet Procedure

In order to enhance the Tolcon Group’s environmental initiatives, training material and presentations were developed to ensure that a deeper understanding of the many environmental issues we encounter are clearly understood and dealt with in the most appropriate manner. Some examples are depicted below:

Environmental Interventions

Tolcon Group is committed to ensuring that the legacy we leave to those that follow is not only a more knowledgeable country, but also a land that can sustain our descendents while they endeavour to do great things.